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  • I'm a 90's kid - Sept 1991

    I was born in the beautiful Hue, Vietnam and growing up with the nuture of my grandma.

  • My Childhood - 1995-2001

    I think I got a great childhood - so weird, so different yet special - which made a big impact on me till now.

  • In love with football 1998 - 2000

    I started playing and loving football (Manchester United) since France 98' then Copa America 99' and European Cup 00'.

  • A Champion - 2005

    Stood out to lead my class team to the football chamption; was a part of my school team to compete in the pronvince league were some of the memorable moments at secondary school together with gambling & getting drunk.

  • Highschool days -2006 - 2009

    I had lots of fun and experience at high school with my hilarious & smart classmates with some short loves intervals.

  • My First Love - 2007

    It was crazy, incredible & memorable though it came just to pass.

  • Attraction isn't a choice! - 2009

    It was the fisrt time I encountered and realised: "Attraction isn't a choice!". Since then I've "attracted" more and more people. Started to play with love...

  • Singapore Journey -June 2009

    I came to Singapore for my tertiary education. It was a big turnaround for me thanks to my family's support! Involved in a sad love triangle right after that!

  • My first career choice - May - Oct, 2010

    While at university I made a important decision to go for web development although I would have chosen mobile industry or become a software engineer.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Oct 2010

    I "have to" include a book title into my timeline. But the Robert Kiyosaki's master piece is well deserved it. Honestly it has impacted greatly on me.

  • I vaguely found what I love - Jan, Feb - 2011

    I fell in love again, suddenly and unexpectedly, not with a girl but with what I was doing. I could spend a few whole days with them alone. Incredible!

  • My First Job - Dec 2011

    I graduated & got my first job not long later. Honestly, I want it to be my first & "last job" as well - yeah, if you know what I mean :D

  • A Life Turn!? -April - May 2012

    I happened to know some nice folks, including my current gf & especially this great man, Jim Rohn. My life seems to turn around again, albeit slowly, since then.

  • Crazy Months - Jan - May 2013

    5 trips, 6 places in 5 months makes this my most productive period in traveling - in which Happiest, Craziest, Widest, Saddest & Funniest - come together all of a sudden making life imperfectly perfect!

  • At the momentDec 2013

    After what has happened in this year, I find myself more and more fortunate. I won't stop.


a work in progress... a bit messy & complicated... sorry!

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