An Ambivert

I’m comfortable talking to strangers.
> There’d be awkward moments when I’m not close to them but it’s OK for me
> I’m fine with meeting friends of friends & will usually get along well with them
> I can talk to various type of people (young, old, bad/good-tempered)
> I’d love to make new friends & relationships.
< I prefer talking & hanging out with close ones though.

I’m super confident with one-on-one (serious or not) conversations (& less so in a group).¬†That is to say, I love blind dates ūüėČ
> People also know me best in person than in a group.

I know & can talk (in depth) about various topics from news, technologies, science, health, traveling, sports, history to spirituals stuff, business and even politics & religion (though I prefer not to).

I don’t really enjoy reading (for fun) though¬†I do read a lot –¬†mostly business & self-help books.

I can & oftentimes initiate group conversations. I ask questions.

I’m definitely not in a talkative group of people.

I was & am still sometimes not open talking about certain stuff like relationships & business.
> I won’t tell everyone about my relationship or the girl I’m dating with. I don’t usually¬†share with others my personal stories (habit?).

I don’t speak everything that comes to my mind.
> I select. Sometimes I prefer silence…

I prefer talking to someone in person than through phone or messages.
> It’s easier to express my feelings & able to avoid lots of misunderstanding.
> though sometimes I have to message – I usually keep in touch with someone through messages (it’s faster &¬†easier that way)

I get along well with almost all people.
> I can easily `click` with certain people. But usually it takes times to know me personally & fully.

I can tell good stories especially with loved ones.

I kinda have a good sense of humor.
> I joke. I do talk nonsense.

I listen.
> I tend to listen more & talk less these days even with close ones.

I’d like to explore (now more on culture & people than historical places) when traveling.
> One thing for sure is I hate staying on hotel rooms at night!
> I’ve traveled solo, with 1, 2 persons & in a small group of 5-8 people & I prefer traveling with my love (2) or in a group of 4 (my perfect traveling people).

Friday, February 19, 2016 around 10am
Thursday, March 31, 2016 around 2am
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