My Proudest Achievements

I did 100 hundred push ups 1 Million Adsense Ad Impressions

When the abnormal becomes normal

Human can adapt incredibly well!! We can live anywhere, under any conditions and environment with anyone. And that’s why: People find it normal wearing skirt and riding bike… #VN #DN #BusinessTrip Many other weird things. Fish don’t know they’re in water!… Read more


Confidence comes from the inside. You feel confident, and so, you act confidently; not the other way around. Well, sometimes you’ve gotta to act confidently in order to feel confident – or “fake it until you make it”. But you can’t always depend on the outside (environment) to feel confident inside. That’s why there are many people who are handsome,… Read more

Em à

Em à, em phải hiểu Với những người như anh, yêu thương không thì chưa đủ… Em à!… Read more

7 things I learn on my 3 weeks in the UK

British people loves Football!The fact that hundreds of thousands of fans watching and discussing football in and outside various stadiums every week says it better than anything else. Watching football looks like a (habit,) family outing and sometimes a festival to British peopleThey’re superbly punctual. I mean on time is late.Buses (except in York) always arrive on… Read more

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