From September, 2012 I have decided to put 5% 10% 6.5% of my monthly salary to a so-called “Give” account.

So if anyone or any organization needs to raise money for charity or educational purposes and such, feel free to drop me an email to hoanghuuthinh[at]gmail[dot]com specifying your needs and money requests.

I will respond to every reasonable and legitimate request, giving at most half of the current account balance per request. Although it’s apparently not a lot of money, I hope it will help somebody in need.

A list of my donations:

* Haiyan Typhoon Donations – What a terrible catastrophe for Philippines & Vietnam!

Screenshot from 2013-12-01 16:16:50Haiyan-Donation-Screenshot from 2013-11-20 11:00:39-small


* It may not succeed in raising the required funds but it does change a lot of things. As I said, if I’m lucky enough to meet someone like that, I would ask her to marry me tomorrow!


* Small Donation to Stephen for his awesome website


* I’ve recently made a donation of US $100 as a sincere thanks to Steve Pavlina for his awesome book & articles. I’ve learned & benefited a lot from your works. Thank you once again!


* SGP $150 2013 CYN

* SGP $68 jp farewell

* Lots of small donations to various Singapore charities raised by local students. I love that!


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