It’s for me

This site has changed dramatically over the years.

At first, it was a place purely for me to “blog” & express myself; to show off my portfolio then to experiment with new web technologies. Since then, it has become a great place for me to write, learn and keep track of my progress.

Tech-wise, the site has evolved from Yahoo 360° Plus to Blogger, then XYZ (built on CakePHP) and now (WordPress). It had also been revamped significantly twice. This is the 3rd major makeover.

Its design, purpose & technology may have changed completely but one thing remains unchanged: this site exists for me & is basically about me – my #pdev, my #career, my #travel, my #love & #relationship then #football, #health, #wealth and almost everything else :D
It may just be a personal, selfish & arrogant log but has surely helped me grow as both a h^cker & a person! If it happens to do the same for you, I’ll be so glad.

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