Jim Rohn

Beware: This man may change your life around!

I’ve seen quite a lot of motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown or Steve Jobs but no one is like this great man. His unique words, voice, tone and sense of humour are so inspiring. I don’t think there are exact words to describe how wonderful he and his speeches truly are. We can just watch & feel it by ourselves. In brief, he’s just simply phenomenal! There are not so many videos of his available online quite a lot of his videos available on YouTube.  But just from those available, which I’ve been listening everyday, I’ve learned lots of fantastic lessons – which would change everyone’s life! One of them is the short video above about 4 questions everyone should ponder: Why? Why not? Why not me? and Why not now? It seems too soon to say that he – his speeches, has turned my life around but he does make a dramatic impact on me right now. Thank you, great man!

I recommend you to go to his official website to get more information about his tapes and videos. You may also follow the facebook pageabout him to receive his wisdoms daily.

ps: Thanks my bro for letting me know this great man.


Saturday, April 14, 2012 around 9am
Saturday, September 15, 2012 around 11am
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  1. […] Jim Rohn – the American’s foremost business philosopher, give us a naked truth concisely: success is easy; do the easy things and do it everyday. Why is it easy? Well, it’s easy because almost all of us basically know what we should do and if we actually do it, it’s not hard at all. On the one hand, we know we should keep improving our skills and abilities; we know we should learn to communicate well; we know we should excercise to become more healthy. On the other hand, we also know we should stop eating junk food and smoking as they are harmful in the long run. Don’t neglect to do the easy things is the advice he want us to really master. Here comes another great saying about life and success: […]