“Let Her Go”

First and foremost, I was lucky – damn lucky to have you (!!) though not for a very long time…

To be honest, you’re not the prettiest nor cutest and such. But surely you’re sweetest girl I’ve ever met!!

– You flew here to meet me immediately after I said I was in trouble..

– You cooked, packed and sent it here for me to try..

– You travelled far away just to accommodate me home & surprised me with our delicious home food

– You did it again without me noticing

– You passed what your mom sent you to me just because “you may not have enough” & “it’s nicer”

– You made my best birthday gift ever!! & I happened to receive it at the midnight of the day though it was in my house for a few days. What a surprise! What a coincidence! You would never know how happy I was! I still keep the gift wrapper till now 🙂

– then You always bought my mom gifts & helped me bought her flowers..

… OMG!
I still wonder how those sweetest things could come to me… As I said, “girls are jealous of what I receive & guys are simply jealous of me”!

I don’t know.. I still don’t know why…

Maybe I’m handsome
Maybe I’m smart
Maybe I’m funny
Maybe I’m sweet
Maybe my background..
Maybe my future..

hi`hi`. I’ve just tried to put some jokes here to ease the sadness of this article. I know for sure you didn’t care all of those things. It was just not You.

That’s why I know I was lucky…

Perhaps after what you had done for me, I probably took you for granted. I admitted I did. But it was not the decisive moments. It was long long after that. And I’m experienced enough to know what was going on & appreciate what came to me.

Perhaps we came to each other at the wrong time. It was a pretty tough period for me. I couldn’t do anything for a month or two. It was the toughest days… Having said that, tough periods also led to great opportunities. As I said, we had chances, in fact, a lot of chances but we couldn’t seize it…

Perhaps you’re too sensitive…




Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame it all to you. I was a part of that…


Despite all other differences, we all love to travel & we did travel together quite a lot of times. Almost all were memorable <3

Now I let you go with a hope that “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you (without you having to plead and beg), its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”

That saying was right partially – not all. So it’s a hard decision anyway but I’m willing to make it as a man.
I don’t wanna keep you beside for nothing.
I don’t wanna give you much of an vain hope.
I don’t wanna fool you with sweet yet empty words & stuff.
I don’t wanna cheat on you.
I don’t want you to be just as a back-up…

I’m a man and at least that means something.

With all my due confidence & optimism, I still don’t know if I could find someone like you – as sweet as you & particularly love me as much as You do. I know You still do..

I don’t wanna say too much loving (& weak) stuff..
I hope You will stay strong & keep moving forward! Time will show & answer everything.
Now I know one thing for sure that you deserve more than this!


zzz: if time allows, i will write more…!

If only you said Yes to a few things that you rejected me, things would have gone differently…

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Monday, August 25, 2014 around 1pm
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