My Dream Girl

I think I’ve loved and experienced enough to basically know what I am looking for from a girl. Having said that, I don’t wish to find an exactly same girl nor expect any girls to be this ideal. It’s just a clumsy and ugly drawing of my dream girl.

Here’s SHE after I turn 25  😈 😛 

Basically she is the ONE who turns me ON physically and especially “educationally!”

#1. She’s physically & “educationally” ATTRACTIVE! <3

# So far while I’ve dated some “hot girls”, “Miss Uni” and “dream girls” of many guys, I’ve also dated some very (or below) average-looking girls and felt pretty content. So I’m probably not so picky in terms of look though I believe I deserve an attractive one! 😀 😀 (Looking at my idols, who have a very beautiful & intelligent wife, I ask myself “Why can’t I?) Anyways, she should be presentable & knows how to dress up & be sexy at the very least! 😛

## Many girls find me hard to understand (but interesting) as I always "makes me think!" It’s not that I pretend to be mysterious and hard to understand (I do sometimes to be honest) but rather than I and they have different ways of communicating & understanding things. To put it in a different way, “we’re not quite in the same level (of education, mindset, etc..)” as in the words of a “really tall & hot female friend” of mine. I generally find girls who can more or less read my mind & understand my jokes attractive!

In short, I like those who UNDERSTAND & SUPPORT me, and at the same time, can CHALLENGE me to move forward. Nice & too submissive girls are not attractive either.

#2. She is OPEN-MINDED!

In other words, she is willing to LISTEN (to new ideas, opinions, etc.) and CHANGE! Some Many people (both girls and guys) simple don’t(!!!) even if they claim they do! That’s probably the foundation of everything I want from her in our world. If she’s open-minded,

  • she will be willing to try new (“weird”) things;
  • she will happily accept our differences and changes;
  • she is (or will be) a free thinker;
  • she is a B/I! (vs E/S – don’t know what these words stand for? Please read Rich Dad Poor Dad!)
  • she will READ…

#3. She shares some basic interests, hobbies & MISSIONS!

Sports (football), intimacy and traveling are all essential parts of my life. So are HERS hopefully! More importantly, she’s PASSIONATE about what she does and loves!

She also knows that we’re here not only to enjoy what life can offer us but also to make it a BETTER place!


the “OLD” HER

Alright, here is She whose characteristics are described in no particular order:


… is tall and physically attractive

… makes tasty & yummy family meals

.. smiles (bashfully)

… appreciates what she’s having

forgives and forgets her old wounds

… is – a free thinker – mentally free from any taboos.

… accepts a tattoo name of the girl who has made a life-turn impact on me together with her name in my body. JK. haha.

.. plays (- treats her work as play)

… loves doing unconventional things & enjoys breaking rules together

… is hard on herself and selective about whom she lets in

… enjoys watching a full, long and “boring” football match together

… doesn’t care what movie we’re watching as long as we’re touching

… likes to wear skirt – short skirt? awesome :xxxxxxxx 😀

is willing to remove the word “impossible” out of her vocabulary

.. hugs (from the front, tightly)

… likes walking under the rain hand in hand

… bares her soul when making love

… likes dark, candlelight & love songs atmosphere

appreciates my sincere reminders that she’s beautiful and that I love her

… loves pausing to kiss – suddenly, slowly & passionately

… stays just beside me when I need her most without me saying anything

.. laughs (out loud)

21 😡

… writes, reads & listens

… loves traveling & exploring the world

24 😛

I will keep updating it until I settle down. (Last updated on Nov 17, 2012 Oct 25, 2015)

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