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These are great articles from various sources and writers which are worth a least a second read and thought. I keep them all here for future reference. This will be updated constantly, so bookmark it if necessary.


Lessons & Tips:

Fish don’t know they’re in water – Derek Sivers

We’re so surrounded by people who think like us, that it’s impossible to see that what we think are universal truths are just our local culture. We can’t see it until we get outside of it.”

Valuable to others, or only you? – Derek Sivers

When I’m hot, it’s hard for me to imagine that others in the room are cold. I think it really is hot, not that it’s hot only for me. It feels like fact, not opinion.”

Never Hurt to Ask – Darren Hardy

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive. Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not

=> Before you ask: What have you tried?

Young people are screwed… Here’s how to survive  –

Lesson No. 1: Learn to make something

Lesson No. 2: No, education is not the answer.

Lesson No. 3: Your parents and grandparents don’t understand your world. You should probably ignore them.

Lesson No. 4: Don’t worry about your network. Worry about your friends. [If you have successful friends, you will be successful.]

10 Smart Things I’ve Learned from People Who Never Went to College

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job – Steve Pavlina

10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion – Steve Pavlina

Ten Ways To Ensure You’re Driving Your Bus Instead of Just Being a Passenger

There’s No Such Thing as the Worthy Poor – Scott Dannemiller

Tim Ferriss Interview – Derek Sivers

Fuck, I Need Some New Swear Words – davidbanks

Disconnecting Distractions – Paul Graham

The Imperfectionist – Sarah

Smarter Than Your Parents – Steve Pavlina


You Should Write Blogs – Steve Yegge

Why You Should Write Things Down – Henrik Edberg


Presentation Zen


3 Entrepreneurial Skills You Won’t Learn In Business School: How to code, sell & hire

Why are you in such a rush? Dan Shipper – slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Sucking Less Every Year

10 Skills You Need to Succeed at Almost Anything


Content Without Design is Dumb – Pat

User Experience

Please make your article title as a link – it helps me & others to share it easier. Steve Pavlina and many others do this!

“Fuck You.” – Brad Frost

Next time you find yourself intentionally depriving someone an experience—to acquire knowledge, to complete a task, to do something online that can make their life even just a little better—picture yourself standing in front of that person in real life, looking them square in the eyes, then firmly and definitively saying “Fuck you.”


Busting the 21 days habit formation myth
How Long to Form a Habit?
Habit Formation: The 21-Day Myth
>> It takes more or less 66 days to form a new habits

Simply Successful Secrets Roundup!

5 things to do everyday to be successful


Are Your Goals Holding You Back? – Dan Shipper


The Power of Association – Robert Kiyosaki => I like the term “motivation killers” 😀


Don’t Do It For The Money – do it because you love it. Do it because….

Do You Know?

Why Ideas Pop Into Your Head When You’re Trying to Fall Asleep – No distractions


How to Need Less Sleep by Getting Better Sleep Every Night  – Better Sleep is More Important than More Sleep


Job Titles in the Web Industry –

Are we designers or developers?

Go the F**k Home – an interesting post & speech!

If you can’t name two things you’re regularly doing outside of work, you’re spending too much time there.

Programming Is Like Dancing – Dan Shipper : The product isn’t eternal but the moment is. The feeling isn’t lasting but it’s worth chasing.

Why I Left Google


10 Tips for Moving From Programmer to Entrepreneur  – Ian Landsman: Design!! vs Coding



How to become a hacker?

Hackers vs. Coders – this not a real ‘hackers’ btw

They’ll be focused on solving user problems, rather than solving implementation problems. They spend more time hacking it and less time coding.

Are You An Expert?

How To Be A Great DeveloperEd Finkler – Poor communication

Learn to Code >> 4 non-coders

The Origins of the <Blink> Tag  – Getta know this when doing my current homepage

Bai tieng Viet:

Thời vắng những nhà văn hoá lớn? – Trần Hữu Dũng

Tuổi 16, ta đã làm được gì? – Dongsongxanh

Bài học kinh nghiệm về hợp pháp hóa mại dâm

Justin Khương: Phong ba bão táp không bằng Start-Up Việt Nam

Không thích đọc tình yêu lm buồn, oán trách kiểu này lắm nhưng hay:

Đàn ông ví mỏng – Trang Ha

“đàn ông kiếm tiền là năng lực và tiêu tiền là văn hóa”

Vì bạn không đủ tư cách để yêu (2) – Trang Ha

“Bởi vì nếu thật sự yêu, người con gái sẽ tự nguyện chờ đợi, vượt qua được những khoảng cách và không gian, mà không cần một lời hứa hẹn ràng buộc nào cả. Tôi tin thế.”

Lý do tui ghét chữ phượt

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